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Back on personalization for a minute. Some things SEEM like a good idea. Once in a while even the most alert of us gets taken in by the "shiny". Check out that airbag cover. You can BET it never crossed the mind of the owner that their personal style could seriously injure or kill them. But if that airbag blows? Let's face it, the only thing missing here is a bedazzled "Front Towards Enemy". (If you don't have a military background that phrase is stamped on the Claymore anti-personnel mine. One that is filled with hundreds of steel ball bearings about the size of those crystals affixed to the steering wheel) 

I had a customer once at another dealership who fell in love with a pre-owned car. She didn't think she could get it but I went to work and long story short she got her dream car! Here's where the dangerous personalization comes into play.     

She was a service writer at an auto repair shop. She was having some work done there to make the car her own. The tech had it on a lift and was shining a light around when something caught his eye. There were cuts in the frame. Literally pieces removed from the frame of the car.  Seems the previous owner had much larger and wider wheels and tires on it before he traded it in and hadn't spent the time or money to do it properly.

Rather than put spacers in to gain clearance he had CUT THE FRAME. He did however spend the time to make sure that it was well hidden. MULTIPLE techs checked that car out and the consensus was that the placing was deliberate so as to make it difficult to see in an inspection.  The dealership bought the car back from her. Paid her completely out of her loan and gave her an unbelievable deal on an upgraded brand new car in the same line. 

I know it sounds hard to believe that people would put their own lives at risk for appearances but it happens. That car was a total loss. The damage was artfully concealed but it still put that lady at risk for the short time that she had it. The only way it could have safely been driven was with a completely new frame. Don't let yourself or others be hurt or even killed just to get some swagger.

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