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Seems like every day in 2020 there is some new horror. Or at least something that people are up in arms over and ready to attack others. I am ALWAYS looking for something to make me laugh these days so I have been going back over some of my favorite movies.

That got me to thinking. Mel Brooks. He has never failed to make me laugh. But the thing is, I don't think he could make movies these days. Every Brooks film that I look back at so fondly would get him demonized by some group or another today. Which is really sad seeing as how Brooks literally picked on EVERYBODY! He even made fun of himself! 

Here's the challenge: For those who are willing to acept it, tell me a Brooks film that could or could not be made today. Tell me how it could be made to work for these times. Tell me what made you laugh. Let's get off of all the negativity and just have some laughs! I'll start the ball rolling with my personal favorite. I'm  sure you can tell from the picture, it's BLAZING SADDLES! Let's hear what you loved, didn't care for or if you've never seen a Mel Brooks movie, WHY NOT???

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