How to Remove Old Bumper Stickers from Your Car in Clarksville, TN

How to Remove Old Bumper Stickers from Your Car

Bob Durham's Blog | How to Remove Old Bumper Stickers from Your Car

If you've got too many old bumper stickers on your car and are ready to get rid of some or all of them, today is your day!

Bumper stickers can be difficult to remove. The sun’s heat can “bake” the glue and the sticker can be almost impossible to remove.

This is a simple way you can try to get those stickers off your ride. A hairdryer will do the trick! Hold the hairdryer over the corner of the sticker(s) for around 45 seconds and it should peel off easily!

Whether you inherited or bought a car covered in bumper stickers, or you carefully placed them all by yourself, if you are ready to remove them, this tip will help. Once all those stickers are off, you can get out there on the road and enjoy you’re your sticker free bumper!

This is also a great tip if you are looking to get your vehicle ready to trade in! An excessive amount of stickers can actually lower a trade in value. So whether you are looking to trade or just don't like that particular band or political candidate any longer, it is an easy way to get back to a tidy ride!

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