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Free Vehicle History Report

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When you are in the market for a good used car, you want to get as much background information as possible. It is always important to learn about the ownership, damage, and repair history on any vehicle you are considering buying. Your salesperson should always be upfront in answering your questions and providing all the information that the dealer has concerning the car. 

If you like options, you might prefer to generate a vehicle history report on your own. Some buyers prefer to get their reports from sites that have gained more recognition, like CarFax and AutoCheck, but there is a cost to receiving detail vehicle reports from these places.

Typically, a full-length car history report costs somewhere between 10 to 40 dollars, but here at Jenkins and Wynne we give you the report for free! No need to even ask us for it. Every pre-owned vehicle will have a CarFax report IN THE GLOVEBOX! We will also happily provide you the AutoCheck report, as well as showing you what reconditioning we did before the vehicle went on the lot. 

If you want peace of mind in your pre-owned purchase, then you need to deal with someonewho believes in TRANSPARENCY! Remember:

You NEED the best vehicle!

You WANT the best deal!

You DESERVE the best service! 

But for all THREE??? YOU GOT TO SEE BOB D!!!

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