Don't help the criminals in Clarksville, TN

Don't help the criminals

Bob Durham's Blog | Don't help the criminals

My background for roughly 20 years was law enforcement. I worked in patrol, investigations, patrol supervision and other areas. Today I will offer you a tip from the point of view of a criminal investigator. Burglary is one of the most common crimes in any jurisdiction. Commercial, residential and vehicle burglary abounds in Clarksville/Montgomery county. 

Vehicles are the most frequent targets with the unlocked ones being the easiest target (ALWAYS do your 8 pm routine). Commercial as well as vehicle burglaries overwhelmingly happen at night. Cover of darkness is the friend of the criminal. 

My tip for today might surprise you though. Residential burglaries most often occur in the daylight. The average, hard-working and responsible citizen is gone during the day. To work. To school. Outings with the kids. Lots of reasons. There are many things that help a criminal pick their target. The one I focus on here is something that just doesn't occur to honest folks. The picture above was taken in a residential neighborhood a couple of days ago. I cropped out anything that would help identify the home because I don't want to help create a victim. 

When you make big ticket purchases like TV's computers, etc don't put the boxes out like this person did. Burglars cruise your neighborhood looking for targets of opportunity. This person flat out told them that there's a brand new flat screen available inside. This gives them incentive to look much more closely at your property. 

The better option is to take a box cutter and slice the boxes up. It's not hard to cut them into pieces that will fit in your trashcan. If it's already full, fold the pieces down and put them in a trash bag. It's best to use a black or grey bag as opposed to the white or clear ones.

Yes, it will take 3 to 5 minutes to cut the box up. But it sure beats the time you will spend filing insurance claims, repairing kicked in doors, buying replacements for what was stolen and wondering if they're coming back for what they missed. 

Look out for each other and stay safe.




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