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The long awaited 2022 Civic Hatchback has arrived! COMPLETE redesign with clean, fresh lines inside and out! Even better? This means that the 2022 Civic Type R is even closer now! #Got2CBobD #gottoseebobd...

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Sager Strong

If I asked you to think back to when you were 15 what would your memories be? Hanging with your friends? Maybe playing some pick up basketball? High School? Planning for when you finally get that most coveted of teen...

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Gone in 60 seconds.. walkaway autolock

First in my gone in 60 seconds series. One minute or less videos on specific vehicle features. Enjoy

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It's a TYPE R baby!!!

What more do you need to know? IT'S A TYPE R BABY!!! This one is a Touring edition and it's the only one available in Clarksville and probably the next six counties around us! We usually only get one at a time and the...

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